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Cashmere Solid Lotion Bar

Cashmere Solid Lotion Bar

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These bars are scented with our signature scent, CASHMERE for her! The scent has top notes of floral & fruit. Warm Notes of vanilla, caramel & cashmere. Simply put they smells warm, cozy, decadent, delicious and oh so very luxurious!

Now that you know what they smells like, what exactly is a lotion bar?

It is a ultra rich, ultra emollient bar that has no water and is in a solid state.

Why would you want this?

For several reasons....

~You have better control of how much you are putting on as opposed to just splatting out a large amount.

~You are not paying for water. You are only buying per ounce the needed ingredients.

~You can carry it anywhere. With its easily refillable tin you can put it in a pocket, purse, car, bedside, work drawer or anywhere without the worry of it spilling like a traditional liquid lotion.

~Solid lotions bars are SOLID. That means you can take them on an airplane!

~Use it as a shower bar. At the end of your shower, rub the solid

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