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Copy of Calamine Salve With Emu Oil 4 oz

Copy of Calamine Salve With Emu Oil 4 oz

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Introducing Calamine Salve With Emu Oil: the answer to years of itchy, awkward, and uncomfortable skin. Our calamine salve is made with natural emu oil to provide a cooling, soothing sensation that won't dry out or flake away. Enjoy the itch relief without the annoyance—what a relief!


Calamine Salve With Emu Oil

For those of us who are old enough to have not gotten the chicken pox vaccine, my biggest memory of it besides the itching is hands down the pink calamine lotion. Sure it felt great at first. It was cool and soothing & took away the itch.

Then it dried...... When it dried it was awful! It would dry up & get flaky. Almost feeling tight on your skin. Then you wanted it off & you had to reapply, It was one of those couldn't live with it, couldn't live with out it sort of things!

So then what??

As a Mom to 5 boys 2 of which have psoriasis, I knew their had to be something better. I looked into it & saw that some people out there were indeed offering a salve. However, I knew I could do it better. I knew I could take it a step further by adding something that had proven to be extremely beneficial to my family. Emu oil!

Emu oil contains chemicals called fatty acids. These chemicals have been found to reduce pain and swelling. Um, yes please sign me up!

What else?

We also steeped our Sunflower Seed Oil for this salve in Calendula petals & chamomile powder. Calendula oil has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that might make it useful in healing wounds, soothing eczema, and relieving bug bites & rashes. It’s also used as an antiseptic. One laboratory study found that calendula extract may be useful in treating and preventing acne & another in 2013 found that it sped up wound healing.

Chamomile has been shown to help with inflammation, skin redness, reduce scaring & help eczema like skin conditions.

Then we added skin loving & soothing ingredients such as Shea Butter, Therapeutic Lavender Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil & of coarse the Calamine powder. Then just enough beeswax to make to a soft lovely salve!

So now that you know a little ( ok, a lot) about why we chose to put these ingredients in our salve (that we use daily on our own family) you can understand why we think it's so great!

So, what are you waiting for? order a few today!

4 Oz


Rub your finger over the salve to pick up a small amount of Calamine Salve @ a time. 

Gently apply to affected skin area. Reapply as needed.


*Store in a cool place, away from sunlight. May melt in extreme heat

*Discontinue use if any irritation or rash occurs.

*This product or information is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition.

*Please seek medial advice when needed & always use good judgment.


Ingredients: Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Sunflower Seed Oil (Helianthus Annuus), Beeswax (Cera Alba), Calamine Powder (Zinc Oxide, Red Iron Oxide),Emu Oil (Emu Oil ), Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia ), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Calendula petals (Calendula Officinalis ) & Chamomile Powder(Matricaria Recutita & Maltodextrin ).


Proudly Made in Templeton. California

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