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Dragons Blood Soap

Dragons Blood Soap

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Dragon's Blood! Seriously how cool is this!

This awesomely cool, cold processed soap has bold red and black wavy stripes. It is scented with Dragon's Blood fragrance and topped with genuine black Hawaiian lava salt! I then hand molded and hand painted little dragons to apply to the front of every bar!

During the process of creating these soaps by hand we usually try to discourage the formation of soda ash on the tops. Something that is naturally occurring. However with this design I encouraged it! After all, if you are going to have a dragon on the front then what's a few scorch marks and ash right? Just another little step that we thought was cool!

We have different recipes that give different results. This particular bar is a high cleansing recipe bar. If you are looking for something of a more moisturizing bar then look for one with butters like Shea, Cocoa & Mango in the ingredients list.

As amazing as it looks, it feels pretty amazing as well with Olive oil, Coconut oil, RSPO Palm oil & Castor Oil as well as red and black FD&C approved mica for coloring and Dragons blood fragrance to make it smell amazeballs! It's all topped off with Hawaiian black lava salt.

The dragon on the front is made out of Glycerin soap and painted with FD&C approved mica coloring.

You will receive one 4.9 Oz bar of soap per order 


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