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Night Violet Silk Lotion

Night Violet Silk Lotion

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Night Violet Silk Lotion With Silk, Hydrolyzed Oats, Allatonin & Panthenol!

This complex scent is perfect. It starts with notes of bergamot, lemon, cucumber water, violet, and jasmine. Then you pick up deeper notes of cashmere, musk, and sap.

~Panthenol is a skin protectant with anti-inflammatory properties. It can help improve skin’s hydration, elasticity, and smooth appearance. It also soothes
red skin, inflammation, little cuts or sores like bug bites or shaving irritation. Panthenol also helps with wound healing, as well as other skin irritations like eczema.

~Allatonin benefits moisturizing, helps to sheds dead skin, soothes & calms, hydrates, anti-aging, aides in cell turnover, soothing injured skin and helps to heal wounds.

~Hydrolyzed Oats offer skin softening, soothing, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Helps retain and add moisture to the skin. Imparts a soft, cushiony feel on the skin, giving it a near-velvet smoothness after drying.

~Hydrolyzed silk promotes elasticity and a smooth complexion. When used in skincare products, hydrolyzed silk protein helps the skin's water barrier to retain moisture. It also provides a radiant glow & conditions the skin.

~No Parabens
~No Phthalates

Distilled Water, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, E wax, Rice Bran Oil, Stearic acid, Optiphen, Fragrance Oil, hydrolyzed oat, allatonin, panthenol, silk, mica

4 oz

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