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Theraputic Calamine soap

Theraputic Calamine soap

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Introducing our Therapeutic Calamine Goat's Milk Soap – a soothing oasis for your skin! With a legacy dating back to 1500 BC, the calming benefits of calamine take center stage in this luxurious bar. Our all-natural Goat Milk Calamine Soap is carefully crafted to alleviate minor skin irritations stemming from insect bites, sunburn, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, eczema, rashes, allergic reactions, and dryness. This bar is excellent for sensitive skin! It contains no colors or fragrances.

This bar includs a free Bubble Bag!

But why stop there? Elevate your skincare regimen by complementing it with our Calamine Salve!

At CASHMERE, we're dedicated to selecting oils for deep cleansing and sumptuous butters for indulgent moisture. Our unique blend of clays, extracts, and skin-loving additives is thoughtfully curated to cater to your skin's distinct needs. Through the intricate process of saponification, these elements harmonize over an 8-week maturation period, resulting in an unparalleled level of quality.

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey to radiant skin!

Intrigued by the treasures concealed within this extraordinary bar? Immerse yourself in the symphony of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, RSPO Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Calamine Clay, Kaolin Clay, Goat's Milk, Colloidal oats, and real Silk. This is more than just a bar of soap; it's an opulent masterpiece of self-indulgence.

Experience the indulgence of each 6.5 oz bar. Unveil the path to captivating skin with #CashmereBathandBodyCO. Elevate your skincare ritual to a realm of pure bliss!

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