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Unscented Solid Lotion Bar

Unscented Solid Lotion Bar

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What exactly is a lotion bar? It is a ultra rich, ultra emollient bar that has no water and is in a solid state. 

Why would you want this? For several reasons.

You have better control of how much you are putting on as opposed to just splatting out a large amount.

*You are not paying for water. You are only buying per ounce the needed ingredients.

*You can carry it anywhere. With its easily refillable tin you can put it in a pocket, purse, car, bedside, work drawer or anywhere without the worry of it spilling like a traditional liquid lotion.

*Solid lotions bars are SOLID. That means you can take them on an airplane!

*Use it as a shower bar. At the end of your shower, rub the solid lotion bar all over your body. When you step out of the shower, just pat dry and you won't need to put lotion on after your shower!

*Keep puppy paws soft. While a salve texture is best for stubborn dryness and cracks on your dogs paws, you can lube up the paw pads between thick salve applications or use our solid lotion for preventative measures! Make sure you check with your vet before using to ensure oir particular oils are okay for your pup.

*Belly balm for expecting mothers. While we do make a product that is formulated especially for growing bellies, our solid lotion bars are a great way to keep moisturized.So how does one use this miracle bar? Simple, it melts with the warmth of your touch so simply hold it in your hand and rub it wherever you would like to apply it. If you would like to apply more at once rub it between both hands as it will melt faster and then use what is on your hands to apply to your face and body. Yes, it's great for your face! If used with wet skin or bar it will go on thinner.

What makes ours different from others?

Lots of people make Solid lotion bars so why buy ours? It's not just about knowing what ingredients to use it's about playing around with them and trying out different proportions to find what works best. That's exactly what we did then we improved it even more by adding our secret weapon making it just as moisturizing without feeling greasy. Once it soaks into your skin after just a few minutes it leaves your skin feeling soft & silky! 

NOTE:If you find that it feels greasy after a few minutes have passed you have simply put on more than your skin can absorb. Your options are to simply spread it around to other parts of your body, share some with a friend or wipe some off on a towel.

Also available in scented bars.

The bars contain: Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Arrowroot Powder & Vitamin E Oil.

2.0 + oz per bar in a reusable tin


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